Felicite Mukandekezi,

born in 1969, became a single mom at only 21 years old. She gave birth to a son whom she raised alone until he was 24 years, before marrying her now husband. Unfortunately, 5 months in her new marriage, she developed benign tumors in her stomach. In addition, her husband lost his job not too long after they got married. She was very fortunate to get cured of the tumors, and she used her newly found strength to join the POSH family. She is very committed to improving the quality of life of her family in that she used the money she gets from POSH to start a chicken rearing business.

Therese Mukamuligo (Tate),

born in 1947, is a mother of 7 children. She lost her husband during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, which resulted in her raising all her children alone. She was lucky to be part of Send a Cow, a non-profit organization that helped her with her children’s education. When POSH started, she joined our team not only for the financial gain, but also for the opportunity for social interactions which were crucial to alleviate the trauma that she got from losing her loved ones during the genocide. In addition, she was able to join a group savings initiative along other POSH employees. She believes that every person has the potential to prosper despite different drawbacks life can put on their way.

Isabelle Mukamana,

born in 1976, is a mother of 4 beautiful children. Unfortunately, she never got legally married to the father of her children, but they lived together ever since their first child. Later on, the husband started showing bad habits of cheating and getting drunk frequently. He also stopped contributing to the finances of the family, leaving Isabelle no choice but to solely provide for the family. In addition, he used to physically abuse her, but now that she is the sole breadwinner in the family, he doesn’t do that anymore. She mentioned that she draws her inspiration in her children and that everything she does is to ensure that they have a better future. In fact, she uses most of earnings from POSH to pay for her children’s education.

Marie Claire Nzamwitakuze,

born in 1984, is a mother of 3 children. She is a very hard-working mother, who believes that women shouldn’t wait for their husbands for financial support, but instead that they have to take initiative and create their own opportunities. She joined the POSH family to create opportunities not only for her, but also for her children through using her earnings to invest in their education.

Theodosie Mukarwego,

born in 1971, is a mother of 2 children and a grandmother of 2. She suffers from extreme headaches and high blood pressure. She also joined the POSH team to find likeminded mothers who strive to improve their livelihoods. She also uses her earnings in the group savings initiative and in her chicken rearing business.